Welcome to Remote Explorers — By Indian digital nomads to the world!

May 7, 2017 By

We are excited to have you here!
Welcome to Remote Explorers — the first truly global digital nomad retreat in India. We are really excited to make it a great experience for the participants as well as our team. After all, how many times you get a chance in life where you feel like you are an early adopter in a massive disruption, which has a potential to change everything that we do and the way we do it? Our excitement is multiplied by the fact that India is behind the curve when it comes to location independence and we are one of the first truly location independent professionals in a country of 1.25 billion!

How did it start?
While working remotely from different places in South East Asia, I realized that India has a great potential to be the next digital nomad destination and started working towards making it happen. Starting a coworking/coliving place was an option but it seemed to be too permanent for a digital nomad like me and not to forget a lot more capital intensive. Organizing and running a retreat seemed like the most practical choice, to begin with. That’s how Remote Explorers was born!

Zeroing down on the place
While we wanted to time the retreat close to the beginning of winters in the Northern hemisphere, finding a location that suits the timing was a challenge. Between June and September, a lot of popular places in India including Goa and Kerala simply get washed away due to heavy rains whereas other parts of India like Rajasthan are too hot to visit.

Finally, we zeroed down closer to our home base, at McLeodganj, In the Indian Himalayas. Right after the monsoon, the hills and the mountains are lush green, the weather is pleasant, the sun is out, and the skies are clear. What’s more? It’s also a home base to HH Dalai Lama and his teachings will fall during Remote Explorers retreat! Find more about the place here.

Come, visit our home!
Now that we have zeroed down on the place, taken care of the internet and the accommodation, have lined up a lot of unique experiences and events, it’s time to extend our warm invitation to you to be a part of the memorable one month and be a part of the Remote Explorers family!