Why are we choosing McLeodganj as the destination for the first digital nomad retreat in India?

May 2, 2017 By

India is a diverse country with famous beach life in Goa, backwaters in Kerala, Royal feel of Rajasthan, and much more. Amid all of these famous places, not many people may have heard of McLeodganj or Dharamsala. I thought I’ll throw some light on the reasoning behind it!

It’s our home

Most of our team now stays in Rakkar, a village not too far (15 kilometers) from McLeodganj. I spend much of my time in India here. We know the area very well and thought it would be a great idea to .host our first retreat here. We would be glad to help you with our recommendations for places to visit, restaurants to eat at, and so on. For once, you can leave Tripadvisor aside! Having said that, we know almost entire India really well as we have traveled extensively. Just that other places will have to wait till next year to be on Remote Explorers’ map!

So it is a home to HH Dalai Lama

How does staying and working 500 meters from Dalai Lama’s home sound? We bet all you can think of is peace and happiness. Dalai Lama’s main temple is just 10-minute walk from the venue of Remote explorers. Bonus, that’s where he gives his teachings and one such teaching may happen during the Remote Explorers’ month.

All through the day, you see a lot of Tibetan monks passing by, often chanting mantras. The Tibetan Government in exile is also located here. You can explore Tibetan art and culture by visiting Tibetan art institute, art galleries, and museums.

Large expat and traveler community

McLeodganj is full of foreigners due to Dalai Lama’s presence and of course, the Himalayas. Some benefits? Locals are used to foreigners, speak better English, lots of cafes, easy availability of western comforts (read: Toilet paper etc. :D).

Great food — Beyond butter Chicken and Naan

Being a popular destination among Indians and foreigners alike, McLeodganj boasts a great variety of cuisines within walkable distance. Korean, Japanese, Italian, American…you name it and it’s there and it’s delicious. We are happy to give our recommendations! Apart from the international cuisine, you can feast on Tibetan food and of course, Indian food. Most of the places in India are super vegan- and vegetarian-friendly and McLeodganj is not an exception!

The mighty Himalayas

How will it feel working from a place overlooking peaks as high as 5000 meters? Inspiring. Isn’t it? Our accommodation and pop-up workplace offers a nice view of the surrounding mountains. We are also arranging a trekking expedition, mountain survival camp, and paragliding in the Himalayas during weekends in the retreat. During morning hours, we are also arranging yoga and meditation sessions to kick start the day.
It’s a great place to work from and live a life close to nature!

A great community

That’s the reason, some techies and people who want to do something great (including us) are settled near the venue. You will find developers, writers, designers and all sorts of out-of-the-box thinkers. It would be a good chance to mingle with budding techies and entrepreneurs working from the hills.
Moreover, there are a few NGOs in the area making a great social impact by providing healthcare, aiding woman empowerment, and encouraging sustainability. We would be happy to connect you with them if you are keen on doing something to change lives.

There is much more I can talk about our home but we have got a month together for that. Apply to Remote Explorers’ first batch to explore, learn, and get things done!!